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Life Is Too Short To Drink Crappy Wine.

Thoughts from an Episcopal Priest, Father of two daughters, Husband, Scientist and Winemaker.

2020 Looking Ahead

I write this while looking out my window at crystal clear, blue skies with puffy clouds. Hardly a hint of humidity and summer haze. Wisconsin resort weather has moved in for a few days just to tease us hearty Midwesterners. We know it won’t last. The 2020 vintage got off to a rocky start thisContinue reading “2020 Looking Ahead”

Pecan Creek Winery wins Double Gold medal for wine made from local grapes

Pecan Creek Winery of Muskogee submitted several wines to the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition in New York state last month.  The results of judging were released April 18 and Pecan Creek took a Double Gold medal for the best red hybrid. From its premium line of single varietal dry wines, Barrel Reserve 2014, aContinue reading “Pecan Creek Winery wins Double Gold medal for wine made from local grapes”

What In the World Is That?

Hopefully, we still have a couple of more weeks until “bud break” begins.  That is the annual point in the life cycle of a grapevine where the buds swell with fluid pressure and new growth.  They are literally ready to burst forth becoming new fruiting canes to provide the fruit of the vine in aboutContinue reading “What In the World Is That?”

Wines From Midwestern Native Grapes- Seriously?

Yes, we are crushing our first three tons of genetic hybrid Midwestern grapes next week (in December). This is a tale of horticultural perspicacity, a father-son legacy, winemaking creativity and industry cooperation. First, let’s go back to the beginning or shall we say, “to our roots?” In the 1960s, Oklahoma City horticulturalist, George Girourad, began to experiment genetically crossingContinue reading “Wines From Midwestern Native Grapes- Seriously?”

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